Message from the Director

Social work is a growing, dynamic profession that offers many challenges and many rewards. The School of Social Work at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is committed to the development of students seeking exciting careers as professional social workers. Our aim is to deliver social work education in a style that challenges students to think differently about problems faced by our most vulnerable populations. Across this country, social work professionals serve public and private agencies as invaluable resources for the less fortunate.

Consistent with the mission of the social work profession, our students are prepared to apply the values of social justice and self-determination to their work with individuals, groups, and communities. Empowering students to recognize the implications of race, gender, and economic hardship prepares them to more effectively deal with the complexity of the human condition. Through the application of these concepts, students develop the analytical and technical skills necessary for professional social work.

Many of our graduates have the opportunity to influence public policy in important ways. Recent legislation has created a new and unusual opportunies for the social work profession. This legislation provides a rare chance to cultivate the profession in ways that enable us to redefine our role in service. Never before in the history of social work has the role of advocacy played a more important part of what social workers seek to accomplish. The vision for this program is to provide social work education in the context of the current and changing political environment.

To our students, I say welcome to the challenges of academic excellence, to the social work profession, and to the next century. Your experience at the School of Social Work will prepare you for a rewarding and fulfilling career in social work practice. It is an endeavor that will teach you about joy, about sorrow, and about change. It will give you a new and distinctive view of the human experience.

E. Chris Lloyd, Ph.D.
Interim Director