Faculty and Staff


 Phone: 501.569.3240  Fax: 501.569.3184  Ross Hall 401

School of Social Work

Howard Turney Director Biographical Information 501.569.8454  Ross Hall 402D
Sharon Sims Administrative Program Coordinator Biographical Information 501.569.3053 Ross Hall 402B
Nathaniel Roe Administrative Specialist III Biographical Information 501.569.3240 Ross Hall 401 – Reception Area

Bachelor of Social Work

Johanna Thomas Interim BSW Program Coordinator Biographical Information 501.569.8460 Ross Hall 401M
Jay Williams BSW Field Coordinator Biographical Information 501.569.3098 Ross Hall 401D
Catherine Crisp Associate Professor Biographical Information 501.569.8465 Ross Hall 401G


Master of Social Work

Kim Jones MSW Program Coordinator Biographical Information 501.569.8451 Ross Hall 401N
Amy Garland Angel MSW Internship Coordinator Biographical Information 501.569.8455 Ross Hall 401A
LaVerne Bell-Tolliver Associate Professor Biographical Information 501.569.8466 Ross Hall 417
Tara DeJohn Assistant Professor Biographical Information 501.569.3562 Ross Hall 401P
E. Christopher Lloyd Associate Professor Biographical Information 501.569.8464 Ross Hall 401F
John Miller Associate Professor Biographical Information 501.569.3074 Ross Hall 401L
Rosalie Otters Gerontology Coordinator Biographical Information 501.569.3012 Ross Hall 412
Greg Smith MSW Admissions Coordinator Biographical Information 501.569.3057 Ross Hall 402C
Carolyn Turturro Associate Professor Biographical Information 501.569.8472 Ross Hall 411


Gigi Peters Executive Director 501.569.8462
Charlotte Besch MidSOUTH Summer School and Substance Abuse Center Program Manager 501.569.8459
Linda Burnett Accountant 501.569.3397
Rodney Crownover Little Rock Training Academy – Regional Team Leader 501.296.1920
Cynthia Emerson Arkadelphia Training Academy – Regional Team Leader 870.245.3940
Carol Griffin Development and Communications Director 501.296.1920
Charles Hamilton Information Technology Manager 501.231.5005
Charlotte Lauderdale Resource Manager 501.569.8535
Carolyn Lee Fayetteville Training Academy – Regional Team Leader 479.444.0521
Jan Littleton-Caldwell IV-E Child Welfare Program Manager and Coordinator 501.296.1920
Michelle Moore-Rather Prevention Program Manager 501.569.8237
Leisa Myles Foster Parent Program Manager 501.296.1920
Misty Paschall Monticello Training Academy – Regional Team Leader 870.367.0178
Tina Paxton Internship Stipend – Field Training Leader 501.296.1920
Carolyn Rorex Jonesboro Training Academy – Regional Team Leader 870.935.2736
Gretchen Skinner Scheduling and Data Coordinator 501.296.1920