Faust, Judith

MsFaust15.jpgĀ jkfaust@ualr.edu

Four things I value: the pursuit of social justice; books and words and stories; making interesting marks on paper; the sustenance of friendship and family.Ā 

Four things I donā€™t: raincoats, long division, certainty, ā€œmotivationalā€ books.Ā 

Courses I teach:Ā 

Social Welfare Policies and ServicesĀ 

Foundations of Practice III (Organizations and Communities)Ā 

Management and Community Practice Methods IĀ 

Management and Community Practice Methods IIĀ 

Evaluation Research IĀ 

Evaluation Research IIĀ 

Community service:Ā 

Primarily consultation and facilitation related to organizational planning and governance for nonprofit and public agencies.Ā 

Member, board of directors, Downtown Little Rock Community Development CorporationĀ 

Member, advisory board, HeARTworks Arts and Spirituality Misson.Ā 

Work history before joining the academy:Ā 

Director, Division of Children and Family Services, State of Arkansas.Ā 

Managing editor, August House Publishers (indulging a midlife crazyā€¦).Ā 

Executive director, Nonprofit Resources, Inc., a membership association of Arkansas nonprofits focusing on organization and management development.Ā 

Partner, Faust & Freer.Ā 

Trainer, Arkansas Youth Services Training Institute.Ā 

Program director, Runaway House, Inc., Memphis.Ā 


B.S. in journalism and philosophy, with distinction. University of KansasĀ 

M.S.W., community organizing and planning, Tulane University