Otters, Dr. Rosalie

“The social relation is essentially a reciprocal relation”  –  Jane Addams

Aging in Arkansas, short one minute radio public announcements, are now on KUAR. They are written, produced and hosted by Rosalie Otters, Associate Professor in the UALR School of Social Work. Dr. Otters is specifically interested in issues of aging in a diverse and changing time.
Here’s the Aging in Arkansas website link:



(2005) University of North Texas
Denton, Texas
Ph.D., Sociology (Medical Sociology and Sociology of Aging concentrations)
“The Effects of Vision Impairment on Depression in the Older Adult” (1994 – 2000 Second Longitudinal Study of Aging National Center for Health Statistics)

Washington University
Brown School of Social Work
St. Louis, Missouri
M.S.W., Mental Health (with Family Therapy Specialization) (1989)

Eden Theological Seminary
St. Louis, Missouri
Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Theology (1986)

Mercy Hospital
Des Moines, Iowa
Clinical Pastoral Education (PE) chaplaincy training
Full time 1982 – 1983 (4 quarters)

Other Education and Training: See end of Curriculum Vitae


* LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Arkansas)
* DCSW (Diplomate Clinical Social Work, NASW)
* Approved Supervisor status: American Association of Marriage and Family
* Certificate in Gerontology, University of North Texas


University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Little Rock, Arkansas
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work. BSW, MSW, Gerontology students. Assistant Professor 2007 – 2012; Associate Professor 2013 – present time.

Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas
Visiting Assistant Professor. Dept. of Sociology and Social Work. BSW students. January 2006 – May 2007.

University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
Adjunct Professor/Teaching Fellow. Dept. of Sociology, undergraduates, 2003-2006.


Peer Reviewed Scholarship

Otters, R.V., Turturro, C.L., & Lewallen, J. (in print). BSW house calls: A new look at aging through experiential learning.
Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work.

Otters, R.V., & Hollander, J.F. (2015). Leaving home and boomerang decisions: A family simulation protocol.  Marriage & Family Review 51(1): 39-58.  DOI: 10.1080/01494929.2014.963276

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Otters, R.V. (2012a). Building on student strengths in graduate professional education. The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal. Pennsylvania State University. Sept. 28.

Otters, R.V. (2012b). Learning from the other Abrahamic faith: American and Islamic understanding of individualism and community. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. 6(3), pp. 59-69.

Otters, R.V. (2009). Following in Jane Addams’ footsteps. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 6(3). Two CEUs offered for this article.

Scholarly Presentations with Conference Proceedings

Brown, C., Otters, R.V. & Turturro, C.L. (Refereed paper proceedings, 2011a). Creating opportunities: Gerontological service learning in a community practice project. Administrative Issues Journal, Academic Conference, Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Conference presentation and paper proceedings.

Otters, R.V. (Non-refereed paper proceedings, 2011b). Social work mentoring: We need one another. University of New Mexico Mentoring Conference. Albuquerque, N.M. Conference presentation and paper proceedings.

Recent Presentations

Otters, R.V. The return of the multigenerational family. MidSOUTH Training Academy (Feb. 2015).

Otters, R.V. Don’t leave money on the table! Ethics presentation. Arkansas Gerontological Society Conference.
March 2015.

Otters, R.V. Geriatric values assessment. Reynolds Institute on Aging. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. 15th Annual Geriatrics and Long-Term Care Update Pre-Conference.
Sept. 2014.

Otters, R.V. Death and dying and social support. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Palliative Care Conference
(Jan. 2013, 2014, 2015).

Otters, R.V. Using online formats in the service of gerontology programs. Southern Gerontological Society Conference, Little Rock, AR (2014).

Otters, R.V. The boomerang generation. MidSOUTH Training Academy (2014).

Otters, R. V. Ethics: Creating new visions out of ethical dilemmas. Invited Presentation. MidSOUTH Training Academy (2014).

Otters, R.V. What’s age got to do with it? MidSOUTH Training Academy (2014).

Otters, R.V. Invited presentation. Ethical issues in interviewing an older adult. Arkansas Gerontological Society Conference, March 2014.

Otters, R.V. Using online formats in the service of gerontology programs. Southern Gerontological Society. Little Rock, Arkansas, April 2014.

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Otters, R.V. & Turturro, C.L. Gerontology sampler: A taste of UALR graduate gerontology certificate courses. Arkansas NASW Annual Conference. North Little Rock, April 2014.

Otters, R.V. A case study in healthcare ethics. Invited Presentation. Arkansas Gerontological Society. (2013).

Otters, R. V. Higher education gerontology syllabi development: Documentation measurement. Southern Gerontologcial Society. Charlotte, N.C. April 5, 2013.

Otters, R.V. & Hollander, J.F. A family model-building protocol for leaving-home and boomerang decisions. Sunbelt Social Network Conference, Hamburg, Germany (May 2013).

Otters, R.V. & Turturro, C.L. Documentation and competency measurement: Charting the course for gerontology education. Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE) Conference. St. Petersburg, Florida. Feb. 28-March 3, 2013.

Brown, C., Otters, R.V. & Turturro, C.L. Person-centered care: Translating life story and reminiscence therapy interviewing techniques into care interactions and personal care plans for caregivers of aging adults. Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE). Annual Meeting. Feb. 23 – Feb. 26, 2012. Arlington, VA.

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Jan. 20, 2010.

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Lewallen, J. & Otters, R.V. An aging update and the UALR gerontology certificate program, NASW Arkansas Annual Conference. Rogers, Arkansas, April 2008.

Manuscript Reviewer

1. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Science

2. Administrative Issues Journal


Gerontology Education

1. Otters, R.V. Aging in Arkansas,” KUAR Radio Scripts (one minute service announcements on a wide variety of aging topics. I have created and delivered each script. There is also a web blog with the written and oral presentations. 2014 –  Present.

2. Otters, R.V. Gerontology education and training needs assessment and resources. IRB protocol approved (#14-271); 50 open-ended interviews with UALR faculty, former students and community practitioners. Summary report and descriptive statistics (2014).

3. Otters, R.V. Happy 50th birthday, baby boomers! 2014.
Background report to aging boom and need for professionals to become aging literate.

4. Otters, R.V.& Turturro, C.L. UALR gerontology feasibility report. University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Gerontology Program. 2015


Poster Presentations

Otters, R.V. & Hollander, J.F. Black vision impairment, falls, and disability. Southern Gerontological Society. Richmond, VA, April 9, 2010.

Otters, R.V. & Hollander, J. F. Effects of sensory impairment and pain on depression in older adults. (LSOA II, Supplement on Aging, 1996 -1998). The Gerontological Society of America, San Francisco, Nov. 18, 2007.

Otters, R.V. & Hollander, J. F. Effects of vision and hearing impairments on depression in the older adult. (SOA 1994 – 1996, The Gerontological Society of America, Dallas, TX, Nov. 18, 2006.

Otters, R.V. Vision impairment and depression in the older adult (LSOA II, Supplement on Aging, 1994-1996). The Gerontological Society of America. Orlando, FL, 2005.


Grant: BSW Experiential Learning (BEL)

Otters, R.V. (2008-2010). BSW experiential learning grant (BEL), Council on Social Work Education, Gero-Ed Center. Funded by The John A. Hartford Foundation. $7,500 to infuse gerontological practice into two BSW courses.
Student attitudes toward aging were monitored in two short internships related to class work.

1. HBSE III (fall 2008) and Introduction to Social Work BSW (2009) classes with site at Presbyterian Village Continuing Care Retirement Community. Students developed resident life reviews. Grant paid for small student traveling stipends.

2. Practice I BSW class (spring 2009, 2010) took part in University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, clinic orientation and patient home visits accompanied by LCSW. Grant paid for small student traveling stipends; LCSW leadership.


Thesis Committee Chair

Cindy Brown MSW, MBA (Gerontology MA). Graduated spring 2012.
Thesis: “Evaluation of Anstee, Harris, Pruitt, and Sugar’s Six-stage Model for Developing Service-learning in a Gerontological Operative Setting.”



Courses Taught at UALR since 2007

SOWK 7301, Foundations I. Lead Instructor (2007 – present)

SOWK 7302, Foundations II. Lead Instructor (2008 – present)

SOWK 7403/7404, Foundations Direct Practice Internships I, II (most semesters 2007 – present)

SOWK 8503/8504, Advanced Direct Practice Internships I, II (most semesters, 2009 – present).

SOWK 3304 Human Development in the Social Environment II (Spring 2015), Online.

GERO 4336/5336, Social Aspects of Death and Dying (2010 – present)

SOWK 8210/8191, Social and Emotional Implications of Illness and Disability (summer every year since 2008; online 2009 – present)

SOWK/GERO 7321, Aging and Social Policy. Course combining previous causes taught, Aging and Social Policy I (2010) and II (2011) as well as aging resources. Online.

GERO 7350, Research Practicum (fall 2011)

GERO 8630, Thesis (fall 2011)

GERO 8310, Field Work I, 2009, 2012

SOWK 3331, Practice I (spring 2008-2009)

SOWK 4332, Practice II (fall 2007-2009)

SOWK 8219, 8191 Social Work Values and Ethics (summer 2008)



University/ Community Development

Disability Task Force (community leaders working on disability issues). Working on a grant proposal. Member. 2013 – present. Aging issue since many with a disability are older.

School of Social Work, Gerontology Advisory Meetings, facilitator. 2013 – present.
Networking gerontology university development with community leaders, UALR faculty in other departments, former and present students.

University District, Senior Networking, part of the University District organization which seeks to develop ties with local residents and organizations. There are many older adults in this area. Member 2013 – present.

Arkansas Gerontological Society. 2012 – present. Board member and planning committee chair (2015) for annual conference. Annual conference presenter: 2012 – 2015.

SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program). 2011 – present. Service learning Project. Students and instructor (Aging and Social Policy class) took SHIIP training and then helped older adults in community to review Part D Medicare Insurance.

Oak Forest UMC (University District). SHIIP (2011); student interviewing development (2012).

SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program) training; service-learning project. Medicare Part D announcements during yearly open fall enrollment, 2012 – present. Students and instructor, Aging and Social Policy class.

Presbyterian Village, a continuing care retirement community, interdenominational, several levels of care, from a skilled nursing home to independent and cottage living. Board member since 2008 – 2014. Board Vice President 2012 – present; Executive Committee 2011 – present. Administration Committee Chair 2011 – present. Planning Committee Chair 2010 -2011.

BSW Student Life Review project with BEL (BSW Experiential Learning) grant. IP and coordinated Practice II students 2008 in this service-learning project. Presbyterian Village site.

Connect with Me! A service-learning project. Advised three community agencies how to organize this project with student research advisee Cindy Brown: Partners for an Inclusive Community, UALR Gerontology Program, and Presbyterian Village (2011).

BSW student home visits with University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences staff. BEL (BSW Experiential Learning) grant. IP and coordinated Practice I students 2009, 2010 in this service-learning project.

Homeless Outreach Count. Homeless Fair. One to two times a year, 2007 – present. Co-led student involvement in homeless surveys.

Community tours with students. Clinton Center, Funeral Home, World Services for the Blind (University District). Foundations I and II; Social Aspects of Death and Dying classes. 2008 – present. Socialization to community service.

Regional Organizations

Southern Gerontological Society. Board member (2013- Present). Local Arrangement Chair for Conference (2014).

Service Award: Applied Gerontologist Award (significant service for SGS; significant contribution to the field of aging and the development of gerontology in the South).

Secretary (2014 – Present).


Successful service learning in CPS, The College of Professional Studies Faculty Development Symposium, Nov. 10, 2011.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow KUAR radio show. Aging. Feb. 2011.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow KUAR radio show. Oct. 2010, Depression. Oct. 2010


University Service

School of Social Work:

• Gerontology Program Outreach
• MSW Curriculum Committee
• Foundations I and II, Lead Instructor


* University District Senior Networking Committee 2013 – present.
* Committee on Committees 2011 – 2014.
* Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee 2011 – present.
* Third Year Review committee (Health and Sports Performance, Assistant Professor).



Arkansas Gerontological Society, Board member 2012 – present.

Southern Gerontological Society, 2009 – present. Board member 2011 – present.

National Association of Social Workers (NASW), 1990 – present. Dallas Unit Chair, 1998 – 2000. Board member of Texas Chapter NASW 1998 – 2000. Dallas Unit Political Action Chair, 1997-1998. Dallas Unit Membership Co-Chair 2000 –2001. Arkansas chapter since 2007.

Grace Presbytery (Irving, Texas), Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Member, since 1990.  Retired, 2014.



Grace Presbyterian Village, Dallas, Texas

Chaplain. Continuing care retirement community with five levels of care. Worship leader, pastoral care and counseling. Illness, bereavement and funeral leadership. Community building programs and leadership development for all abilities and needs. Leadership of vision-impairment support group, 1998 – 2002.

Galaxy Counseling Center, Garland, Texas

Staff supervisor and therapist. Graduate student supervisor of student interns in psychology, marriage and family, counseling and social work. Family, couple, play and individual therapy. Also brief and longer term therapist with children, families and adults, often with multiple mental health issues (abuse, ADHD, psychiatric, safety and parenting concerns). Many CPS (Child Protective Services) cases; worked with CPS on family preservation issues. Court testimony. Developed graduate training and therapy programs, 1992 – 1997.

First Presbyterian Church, Richardson, Texas

Parish Associate. Worship and educational leadership. Led adult programming for Sunday School. Taught and developed Sunday School classes for adults and Confirmation classes. Worship leadership, 1990 – 1997.

Dallas Child Guidance Clinic (Child and Family Guidance Clinic), Dallas, Texas

Clinical social worker. Therapy (individual, family, play) and family education training with a wide variety of clients from low income and diverse ethnic backgrounds. Many abuse and multiple issues cases. CPS cases. Court testimony. Developed family education training program at one satellite branch. 1990 – 1992.



Princeton Theological School
Princeton, New Jersey
Master of Divinity, Pastoral Theology, 1977
Third Year Paper: “Toward a Theology of Aging in the Local Church”
Awarded $1,000 Scholarship at graduation

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1971
Deerfield, Illinois
M.A. cum laude, Church History and Christian Thought
Thesis: “Charles Williams’ Philosophy of History”

State University of New York at Stony Brook (S.U.N.Y.), 1967
B.A., History



January 2006 – May 2007
Texas Woman’s University
Denton, Texas
Visiting Assistant Professor
Dept of Sociology and Social Work (BSW)
* Social Welfare Institutions
* Human Behavior in the Social Environment 2 (macro)
* Social Research
* Social Work Practice I/ Lab (Direct Practice, Individuals)
* Social Work Practice II/ Lab (Groups and Families)

2003 – 2006 University of North Texas
Denton, Texas
Adjunct Professor/Teaching Fellow
Dept. of Sociology, undergraduates
* Individuals in Society
* Social Psychology and Behavior
* Social Research
* Quantitative Methods of Social Research
* Sociology of Marriage and the Family
* Sociology of Health and Illness
* Sociology of Health Organization
* Social Stratification
* Sociology of Religion
* Sociological Theory

* Ph.D., Sociology (Medical Sociology and Sociology of Aging concentrations)