Current Students

1. After I’m admitted, when do I register?

You must be advised before you register for classes. If you’ve just been admitted for the fall semester, you will be advised at a short group advising session in July. You’ll be notified of the date, time, and place of that session. Fall admits are require to also attend an all day new student orientation schedule before school begins. Summer and spring admissions are assigned faculty advisors at admission and will be advised and oriented to the program by their advisor. You can contact your advisor directly for an appointment or sign up for advising on the sheets that will appear on their office doors about two weeks before registration opens for the next semester.

2. Once I’ve been advised, when and how do I register?

When you log onto BOSS, you’ll be presented with a calendar of academic dates, including the beginning and ending dates for registration. Log in and click on the Student Services and Financial Aid link. Click on Registration and follow the instructions. All MSW students register on the same day and time to ensure fairness in class availability.

3. When I graduate from UALR with an MSW, am I qualified to practice social work or do I have to have a license?

You must obtain a license through the Arkansas Social Work Licensing Board, or from the state where you plan to practice. Upon successful completion of the licensing examination, you may obtain a license and be eligible to practice social work. For more information, contact the Arkansas Licensing Board at 501-372-5071 or take a look at their web site at .

4. Is a “C” grade considered a passing grade for graduate course work?

A grade of “C” is passing; however, a grade point average of 3.0 in core courses is required for a student to remain in good standing. Thus, it’s necessary to earn an “A” for each “C” to meet the minimum GPA of 3.0. Students cannot graduate without a GPA of 3.0 or above. Students who fall below a 3.0 GPA are placed on probation and can be dismissed from the MSW program if they fail to raise their core course GPA over the next twelve semester hours.

5. Do I have to do a thesis in order to graduate from UALR’s MSW program?

No, the UALR MSW program does not require students to complete a thesis.

6. Do I have to check my UALR e-mail account while I am student in the program?

Yes. All official e-mail correspondence from the University to you will be sent to your UALR e-mail account. UALR requires the use of e-mail while you are a student in the program.

7. How do I access my UALR e-mail account?

UALR offers free e-mail accounts to all students. Go to for instructions. E-mail accounts will not be active until you have registered for classes.

8. When do I apply for my internship?

Amy Garland-Angel, Director of Internships, will be mailing you an internship application. If you have questions about your internship, please direct those to Amy at (501) 569-8455 or

9. Where do I park?

UALR students are required to register their vehicles and display parking permits. You can register one vehicle for free. For more information, visit You may also park in the parking garage, located across the street from the Donaghey Student Center. There is no requirement for a parking permit, but you must have a dollar in change in order to get out of the garage. There is also parking available at the University Center parking area (by Big Lots on Asher and University). Please be aware that this parking lot also contains retail parking and UALR students may not park in these areas.

10. Can I get health insurance through UALR?

Yes. If you are interested in the student group health plan, the information is available through UALR Health Services (501-569-3188). Plans are offered to UALR students, their spouses, and their dependent children. The Student Health Center is located downstairs in the Donaghey Student Center, across from the bookstore.

11. How do I get my student ID card?

The student ID card is a photo ID issued at the time of registration. This card is necessary when you check books out of the library, use facilities at the Donaghey Student Fitness and Aquatic Center, attend some special activities and athletic events, take advantage of student discounts where offered, and conduct other University business. Your ID may be issued in the Donaghey Student Center in the office beside the aquatic center. The card is free, but if you must replace a lost one, there will be a fee of $10.

12. I have a disability. I will need accommodations in the classroom. What should I do?

If you have a disability (must be documented with UALR Disability Support Services) for which you need assistance during orientation, please let Dr. Greg Smith know (501/569-3057 or so that we can make accommodations for you. If you have a disability that requires assitance in the classroom, after contacting UALR Disability Services, contact your instructor. If you require accommadations with the physical space, contact Sharon Sims (501-569-3053 or We will work with UALR Disability Support Services (501-569-3143). Disability Support Services will require some documentation of your disability.

13. I have trouble with writing. Is there anyone who can assist me?

The Writing Center offers one-on-one assistance. If you know you struggle in this area, it’s important for you to use this resource. Visit , or call 501-569-8311. The Writing Center is located in SUB 116.

14. What is my personal identification number (PIN)?

The graduate school will send you (if they have not already) a personal identification number. You will need this number to register for classes. Your PIN is different from your student ID number (which is usually your Social Security number). Your PIN should be kept private so that no one can change your registration. If you have questions about your PIN, contact Linda Derden at the Graduate School (501-569-8664, ). The School of Social Work cannot look it up for you or replace it.

15. I would like a tour of the Ottenheimer Library. Who should I talk to?

Get to know your library. Visit , or call 501-569-8806. Ask Karen Russ, the librarian assigned as liaison to the School of Social Work, for a special tour.

16. What is the process for getting through the program?

You can see the timeline for completing the MSW program by looking at either the Student Checklist if you are a Full-time or Part-time student. If you are an Advanced Standing student you will need to look at the Advanced Standing Student Checklist. You can locate these and many of the other important forms for the program on the Resources and Forms page.