Crisis and Renewal in the Gulf

Dr. Ulmer and graduate student, Andrew Pyle, were recently featured in a UALR news release. Dr. Ulmer was called in by the Unified Command about 20 days after the sinking of the Deep Water Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. This event was the largest and longest lasting environmental disaster in the history of the United States.

Dr. Ulmer was able to draw on his research on crisis and renewal with over 40 published articles and five books. His research shows how organizations that respond ethically, openly, and with transparency to a crisis eventually can grow and prosper.

Following the event, Andrew Pyle, a UALR graduate student from Mountain Home, who was able to fly to Houma to see the Unified Command in operation and collect data, assisted Ulmer. Since then, Pyle has interviewed the public information officers from the joint information center involved in the crisis, and completed his MA project based upon the “lessons learned” from the disaster and the response to it.

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