Students Shine at 2011 Spring Celebration

Students, families and faculty recognized the achievements of our graduate and undergraduate students at our annual Spring Celebration on March 16, 2011.

About 40 graduate and undergraduate students were honored by family members, faculty, alumni, and the Dean of the College of Professional Studies, Dr. Angela Brenton. Faculty Emeritus, Dr. Alan Ward, was also present to honor and celebrate our students. Mary Cantrell, a Speech Communication Development Board member, was present to welcome students to our alumni group.

The evening was filled with excitement and energy as earlier in the day our capstone students had presented their speeches. These presentations grew from a case study developed in Dr. Thombre’s Capstone class. Students then worked with a faculty mentor to develop a presentation that was given to faculty, other students, and a group of external stakeholders.

Drs. Mirivel and Thombre provided an update on successful study abroad trips to Paris, France and New Delhi, India. The students who went on the study abroad were named “Cultural Ambassadors.” A total of 14 students have now traveled abroad with another trip planned in May of 2011!

Dr. Gerald Driskill recognized the seminal work by our graduate students. In particular, several students were recognized for their efforts to engage in work beyond the classroom: Amanda Wells, Andrew Pyle, Katie West Halford, Rhonda Troilett, and Derek Wingfield all took initiative to share their research at the Southern Communication Association.

The Director of Communication Skill Center (CSC), Dr. McIntyre, reported that over 3500 students were served this past semester. Furthermore, the 1300 Basic Course program initiated a service learning focus that resulted in about $100,000.00 in volunteer hours to the community.

CSC graduate interns, Andrew Pyle and Rhonda Troillet were recognized for two years of service to the campus and community. Derenda Alexander, an undergraduate intern, was recognized for her two-semesters of service.

Spring Celebration continues to be a highlight of the year as we gain a glimpse of the varied and excellent work of our students. If you missed the event this year, we hope to see you next year.

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