Dr. Mirivel Receives Teaching Award

Dr. Julien Mirivel was recently recognized for receiving the College of Professional Studies Teaching Excellence Award.

At the college wide brunch, Dr. Tim Edwards, a Professor in the Department of Mass Communication and last years recipient, captured some of the reasons for Dr. Mirivel’s recognition.

When reviewing the nomination packet of Dr. Julien Mirivel, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech Communication, several expressions or characteristics were used that summarize who he is as a teacher and why he was nominated for and received the Faculty Excellence Award for the College of Professional Studies.

Whether it was a student or colleague, words such as inspiring or inspirational, encouraging, open, relaxed and easy going would be used to describe his classroom atmosphere and personal demeanor.

Comments from his letters of support included:

• He gave us some information that will enhance our lives on this educational journey and for the rest of our lives.
• He taught concepts that I can apply and utilize within my personal and professional life….
• Students were encouraged to speak freely on a broad range of topics. It was a safe environment to express thoughts and opinions without judgment.
• I have never been in a class that allowed me to grow so much personally. I will take away lifelong lessons.
• Dr. Mirivel provided an educational experience that was unique, enriching, and inspiring.

A 6-year member of the UALR faculty, Dr.Mirivel has been described as an outstanding teacher and his teaching evaluations reflect that. His evaluations average 1.4 or better across questions, sections, graduate, and undergraduate courses.

He shares a piece of himself with every class as he provides perspectives from his own life to help students better understand the learning approaches, norms and benchmarks.

As a teacher-scholar, seven of his research studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Communication Monographs and Health Communication. In addition, he has published 2 book chapters. For this work, he has been recognized with awards from the National Communication Association and received high praise from leading scholars in the field. One scholar characterizes Dr. Mirivel as a solid communication researcher whose publications and papers have contributed successfully and significantly to the communication research literatures. Another suggests Dr. Mirivel has the record of someone with a bright future as a leader in the communication discipline.

We are proud of Dr. Mirivel and this well deserved recognition!

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