Capstone 2012

Capstone 2012

This year we had a total of 12 undergraduate students successfully present their capstone papers. Dr. Thombre’s Capstone class took the students through the process of writing a case analysis paper in the Fall. Students then worked with a faculty mentor in the Spring before presenting their papers to other students, alumni, faculty, and community members.

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating the work of these students. Their topics reveal the breadth of applications these students are making to their lives.

Allen Brim – In your face: A Case study Guided by Face Negotiation Theory
Jo Carson– Tip toeing towards Friendship
DeAnn Gable – Perspective in the Parade of Life
Nicholas Hau-Rehearsal Reversal: A Study of Perceptions on Meanings
Mark Hulsey – Defeating myself
Ashley Kimbrough – It is always sunny in Sherwood: An analysis of a Friendship
Derrick Koon – Room 1004: Analysis of a Shared Transformation in the Context of a Cancer Diagnosis
Marlon Louzeiro – The Amazon River meets the Arkansas River: Analysis of our Friendship
Esma Stewart – Take the Highway or Do it My Way
David Yanke – You Were 21 Eleven Years Ago

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