Alumni Updates and more

Dear Speech Communication Alumni, Students, & Faculty, , Here are a few updates and as always, let us know if you have news you want to share!

Kevin Gao (MA class of 1990) is Managing Director and Associate General Counsel at New York Life Investments. He and his wife and two daughters (ages 14 and 12) live in Ridgewood, NJ. Thank you for sharing this update and glad to hear of your continued service!

Dr. J. Jacob Jenkins(MA class of 2006), completed his Ph.D. at University of South Florida (in record time!), and received an appointment as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at California State University at Channel Islands. Work from his dissertation, “The Diversity Paradox: Dialectical Tensions of an Intercultural Organization,” has been accepted for publication in book form. He has also successfully published several journal articles. We are proud of your work!

Dr. Alyssa Grace Millner (MA class of 2006) works as Program Director and Assistant Professor of Communication at King University. Knoxville, TN. She was also promoted to serve as the Associate Dean of Humanities for the College of Arts & Sciences. She conducts an array of research in Crisis Communication, Communication Ethics, and Health Communication. She is engaged to be married this September. We are proud of your accomplishments and great to learn of exciting news!

This past year, four MA students (Class of 2011), Kelley Cooper, Erin Pavioni, Elvon Reed, and Janine Armstrong, were admitted to Alpha Lambda Epsilon, the “Academic Excellence and Leadership Honor Society of Graduate and Professional School Students.” Way to go!

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