Communication Skill Center Internship (SPCH 4314)

CSC2The Communication Skill Center (CSC) in the Department of Speech Communication helps take the panic out of public speaking! The CSC is a free student resource devoted to helping with all stages of the speech creation process. Our services include, but are not limited to: managing anxiety, brainstorming topics, conducting research, organizing content, adapting messages to audiences, designing and integrating effective presentational aids such as PowerPoint and Prezi, as well as one-on-one video coaching. Stop by the CSC and leave a more comfortable, confident speaker! Appointments are available and walk-ins are welcome. Check us out on Facebook:

If you think the CSC is the place for you, check out our internship qualifications:

1. Speech Communication major or minor with strong written and oral communication skills
2. Microsoft Word & PowerPoint proficiency
3. B or better in SPCH 1300 (or equivalent)
4. B or better SPCH 3320: Advanced Public Speaking
5. B or better in one of the following courses:

SPCH 2310: Human Comm. Concepts

SPCH 3316: Interviewing

SPCH 3322: Small Group Communication

SPCH 3330: Professional Communication

SPCH 3323: Conflict Management

Internship Requirements:

  • Required one-day orientation session the Friday before classes start each semester
  • 6 hours a week scheduled in the CSC assisting students, faculty, campus, and the community
  • Friday noon to 1pm weekly training meeting
  • Assigned course work
  • End-of-semester portfolio evaluation

Internship Benefits:

  • May fulfill 3 upper-level elective credit hours for your Speech major or minor.
  • Internship is repeatable for an additional three credit hours to fulfill upper-level electives required for graduation.

Why be an intern? Here’s what some of the CSC interns had to say:

  • It’s a great experience to add to your résumé.
  • You will gain the professional experience required in corporate America while working for the CSC.
  • Through the internship you develop invaluable relationships with staff, faculty, and fellow students.
  • You can expand on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

To apply:

If you are interested in applying for this exciting opportunity, please complete the online application.