Meet Our Faculty

Dr. April Chatham-Carpenter, Chair

Head shotProfessor; Areas of interest: Family Communication, Intrapersonal Communication, Instructional Pedagogies of Speaking and Writing, First-year Experience Transitions and Coursework, and Speech 1300. (M.A., Ph.D. University of Oklahoma).
Curriculum Vita
Phone: 501-569-3158

Dr. Carol Thompson

Professor; Areas of interest: Interpersonal Communication, Female/Male Communication, and Speech 1300. (M.A., Ph.D. Southern Illinois University).
Curriculum Vita
Phone: 501-569-3159


Dr. Gerald W. Driskill

Gerald DriskillProfessor; Graduate Program Coordinator; Areas of interest: Organizational Communication, Intercultural Communication, Communication Theory, and Speech 1300. (M.A. Abilene Christian University; Ph.D. University of Kansas).
Curriculum Vita
Phone: 501-569-8385

Dr. Avinash Thombre

Avinash Thombre1Associate Professor; Coordinator of the Accelerated Online Program; Areas of interest: New Technologies Diffusion of Health Innovations, Entertainment – Education, and Speech 1300. (M.A. Bangalore University Health Communication; Ph.D. University of New Mexico).
Curriculum Vita
Phone: 501-683-7026

Dr. Julien C. Mirivel

Julien.MirivelAssociate Professor; Areas of interest: Positive Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Language & Social Interaction, Health Communication, and Speech 1300. (M.A., Ph.D. University of Colorado at Boulder).
Curriculum Vita
Phone: 501-569-8379

Dr. Kristen McIntyre

Kristen.McIntyreAssociate Professor; Director: SPCH 1300; Director: Communication Skill Center; Areas of interest: Communication Education and Training, Service-Learning, Public Speaking, and Speech 1300. (M.A. Iowa State University; Ph.D. North Dakota State University, Fargo).
Curriculum Vita
Phone: 501-569-8381

Dr. Ryan Fuller

ryan.fullerAssistant Professor; Areas of interest: Conflict Management and Negotiation, Organizational Communication, Crisis Communication, and Speech 1300. (M.B.A. San Francisco State University, Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara).
Curriculum Vita
Phone: 501-683-7264

Cheryl Johnston

CherylInstructor; IT Minor and Speech 1300. (M.A., University of Arkansas at Little Rock).
Phone: 501-569-3439

Melissa Johnston

Instructor; Interviewing, Professional Communication, and Speech 1300. (M.A., University of Arkansas at Little Rock).
Phone: 501-569-3158


Katie Halford

Instructor; Small Group Communication and Speech 1300. (M.A., University of Arkansas at Little Rock).

Phone: 501-569-8378