MA Assessment

From our first MA graduates in the early 1980’s to the present, we have involved alumni and community members in the assessment process. The applied nature of our program means that we gain regular feedback as faculty and student interact with various institutions, community groups, and organizations at the local, national, and international level.

Our faculty serve and research with organizations ranging from the Department of Homeland Security and UAMS to Heifer International and the Department of Health. Faculty bring to the classroom a wide array of knowledge and skill sets that are continuously updated by their involvement in applied communication research and service.

Formal assessment of our program involves alumni and community member focus groups, participant and faculty evaluation of student projects and presentations, faculty review of student portofolios, as well as exit interviews of our students.

We welcome your thoughts, critique, and questions on the reports provided below.

2013 MA Assessment Report
2012 MA Assessment Report
2011 MA Assessment Report
2010 MA Assessment Report
2009 MA Assessment Report
2008 MA Assessment Report
2007 MA Assessment Report
2006 MA Assessment Report