SPCH 1300 Test Out

SPCH 1300 Test Out takes place twice a year: the Friday before classes begin fall and spring semester.

The SPCH 1300 Test Out is a two-part procedure.

First, you will be tested in the morning on information from the SPCH 1300 textbook (books are available for two-week checkout in the main office of the Dept. of Speech Communication; failure to return a departmental book will make you ineligible for test out). You will need to earn a B or better on the written exam to proceed to the afternoon speech component.

Second, if you pass the exam, you will present a 6-8 minute extemporaneous informative speech that adheres to the requirements of the assignment provided in the Test Out packet. The foundation of the speech is based on four hours of verified, recent (within two months prior to Test Out date) service from one of the listed, approved locations. A B or better is required on the speech to successfully earn test out credit for SPCH 1300.

Tutoring services are available. Please contact:

Mr. Marc Gray (independent consultant)
Email: marcuspgrayjr@yahoo.com
Phone: 870-329-8978

Test Out Process:

1. Notify Dr. Kristen McIntyre in the Department of Speech Communication that you plan to test out of SPCH 1300 and to receive the Test Out Packet:

email: kagullicksm@ualr.edu
Phone: 501-569-8381

2. Complete required paper work and pay the $35 fee at Testing Services on Campus:

Office of Testing Services
University of Arkansas Little Rock
2801 S. University Avenue Ross Hall 409
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

3. The Test Out day is organized in the following way:

I. Written Exam

Time: 9am
Location: Department of Speech Communication Conference Room

II. Speech—only given if a B or better is earned on the exam

Time: 1pm
Location: Room 210 speech building
Audience: Communication Skill Center staff and Department of Speech Communication faculty