Speech Communication (BA)

Our accelerated online and on campus
curriculumBAPic is designed to meet the needs of students with an interest in communicative behavior in business, education, industry, and other professions. Students are trained in interpersonal and public communication skills related to human relations and organizational communication.

Our major is offered in three formats:

  • Fully online accelerated (AOP), 7 week courses
  • Fully traditional on campus, 16 week courses
  • Combination of accelerated online and on campus courses

Admission requirements:

  • 12 semester hours completed, 2.00 GPA
  • RHET 1311 minimum grade of C
  • SPCH 1300 minimum grade of C

In addition to program requirements, all students must complete the following:


Major Requirements: 34 hours (beyond SPCH 1300)

A grade of C or greater must be attained to fulfill a course requirement for the major.

Core Communication Courses (12 hours)

  • SPCH 2310: Human Communication Concepts
  • SPCH 2311: Introduction to Communication Research
  • SPCH 3320: Advanced Public Speaking
  • SPCH 4312: Intercultural Communication OR SPCH 4357: Communicating with Difference (offered online only)

Professional Communication Courses (9 hours from the following)

  • SPCH 3316: Interviewing
  • SPCH 3322: Small Group Communication
  • SPCH 3323: Conflict Management
  • SPCH 3330: Professional Communication
  • SPCH 3340: Communication Ethics (offered face-to-face only)
  • SPCH 4311: Organizational Communication (offered online only)

Upper-level Communication Courses (9 hours from the following)

  • SPCH 3315: Gender Communication (offered online only)
  • SPCH 3300: Interpersonal Communication (offered face-to-face only)
  • SPCH 3350: Nonverbal Communication (offered online only)
  • SPCH 4100: Independent Study
    SPCH 4201: Independent Study
  • SPCH 4312: Intercultural Communication
  • SPCH 4313: Seminar: Studies in Communication (offered face-to-face only)
  • SPCH 4314: Internship
  • SPCH 4315: Cooperative Education in Speech Communication
  • SPCH 4323: Family Communication
  • SPCH 4357: Communicating with Difference (offered online only)

Capstone Courses (4 hours)

  • SPCH 4300 (fall of final year in program)
  • SPCH 4110 (spring of final year in program)

Intercultural Communication Competency Courses (6 hours)

Recommended Minors

Nonprofit Leadership Studies




Professional and technical writing

Human services

General business