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Speech Communication

Student Services

Student Services

In the CSC we will . . .

  • Provide a venue for speech rehearsals
  • Help students manage speaking anxiety
  • Give constructive feedback on students’ speeches/presentations
  • Discuss ways to make students’ speeches/presentations clearer and more effective
  • Offer guidance with organization
  • Offer encouragement and support
  • Help students learn to conduct quality online research
  • Help students learn to construct and implement effective presentational aids including PPT presentations
  • Help students learn to access Blackboard
  • Help students learn to access UALR email
  • Help students learn to attach documents to email and Blackboard

In the CSC we will not . . .

  • Take responsibility for students’ speeches or other work
  • Proofread, correct, or edit students’ work
  • Type outlines or papers for students
  • Grade students’ assignments or complete written evaluations
Updated 7.27.2010