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Speech Communication

Undergraduate Program

Student 2This curriculum, offered on campus and in a fully on line format, is designed to meet the needs of students with an interest in communicative behavior in business, education, industry, and other professions. Students are trained in interpersonal and public communication skills related to human relations and organizational communication. The major requires 34 credit hours beyond SPCH 1300, including SPCH 2310, 2311, 3320, 4300, and 4110; nine hours from 3316, 3322, 3323, 3330, 3340, and 4311; and fifteen upperā€level hours in speech communication. Recommended minors for this curriculum are psychology, management, journalism, professional and technical writing, human services, and general business. Potential majors may secure an advisor by contacting the department. A grade of C or greater must be attained to fulfill a course requirement for the major.

Admission requirements include successful completion of at least 12 semester hours with a GPA of at least 2.00, RHET 1311, and SPCH 1300 with a minimum grade of C. In addition to program requirements, all students must take the following:
Core Requirements (44 hours)
Second Language Proficiency

Minor in Speech Communication

The minor in speech communication requires 18 hours beyond Speech Communication 1300, including Speech Communication 2310, 3320, and 12 upper-level hours in speech communication in consultation with an advisor in the department.

Speech Communication Education

Students seeking teacher certification in speech communication should contact an advisor in the department. This curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students with an interest in communicative behavior in business.

Updated 8.27.2014