Online Facilitated Asynchronous Training Courses starting this summer

STaR will offer Online Facilitated Asynchronous Training Courses starting this summer. These courses will be delivered via our new learning management system Blackboard Learn 9.1.

Four different courses give faculty an opportunity to experience the system from a students perspective while learning how to get started, build a course, create engaging content and develop online communities.

The courses will run for two week sessions and are completely asynchronous. A facilitator will provide feedback and guidance throughout the session. Faculty will be able to be to share and interact with one another while discussing best practices and gaining hands-on experience in the online environment.

Online Facilitated Asynchronous Training Courses:

Getting Started – This course provides a hands-on introduction to the teaching and learning features of Blackboard Learn. You will also become familiar with some common start-up tasks, such as organizing the Course Menu, customizing the course style, creating announcements, adding calendar entries, setting up discussion forums, and adding textbook information.

Topics include: The Student Experience, Teaching in Blackboard Learn, The Instructor Experience, Sharing Materials, First Day Tasks.

Dates: June 6th – 17th

Time Required to Complete: Estimated 10 Hours

Building Courses – In this course, you will learn the principles and processes involved in building a course from the ground up.

Topics include: Planning Your Course, Course Building Basics, Using Course Files, Presenting Your Content, Evaluating Your Course.

Dates: June 20th – July 2nd

Time Required to Complete: Estimated 15 Hours

Designing Engaging Content – In this course, you will learn strategies for effectively designing and organizing content to increase student engagement within your courses. As you work through the lessons, you will develop a plan for improving your own courses and build a sample lesson that incorporates some of the techniques discussed. Finally, you will learn how to adaptively release content to students.

Topics include: Plans and Possibilities, Prepare Your Content, Create Your Lesson, Customize Content Delivery

Dates: July 5th – July 18th

Time Required to Complete: Estimated 15 Hours

Building Online Communities – In this course, we will further explore some of the communication and collaboration tools Blackboard Learn has to offer. You will have ample opportunity to communicate, gain feedback, and share ideas with your colleagues using of the tools.

Topics include: Making the Most of Discussions, Journals and Blogs, Working with Wikis, Collaborating with Groups, Evaluating Students

Dates: July 19th – August 2nd

Time Required to Complete: Estimated 15 Hours

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