TechTip: Migrating your AV files from the Helix server

Because the Helix Server will be retired this Fall, we encourage you to review your audio-video (AV) course content early for .rm and .ram files. Look for an email notification listing your current AV files that stream from the Helix server. Additionally, large AV files inside your course may prevent course migration to 9.1.

The goal is to prepare, encode, and transfer AV files from the Helix to the Media Server over the next few weeks. The result will be reduced course file size and add the ability to link your files across multiple sections. Failure to reduce course file size may result in a delay in moving to Blackboard 9.1.

To reduce file size there are two options, but both require your files to be transferred and converted to MP4/MP3 formats so they can be streamed from the Media Sever to your course. The conversion completion date is November 18, 2011.

In order to prepare for the transition to the new system you will need to decide if you want to migrate or redesign your course. We encourage redesigning to avoid any unexpected behaviors. We can also work with you to develop a strategy to migrate your course. To prepare your course for migration:

  • clean-up any unneeded files and remove video files replacing them with links to the streaming video after you receive the MP4/MP3 encoded link updates in your email.
  • If you choose to redesign then you will be able still have access to files in your CE 8 course but will want to add only those you need due to the space constraints.

The only exceptions to space constraints are AV files streaming from the Helix; these will not be available.

For either option we encourage you to attend one of our training sessions in order to begin preparing your course in 9.1. Visit our website: for training opportunities.

PowerPoint and SWF Files

Voice-over PPT and SWF files will probably not easily convert to MP4/MP3 formats and may required additional support. Do NOT delete your original files because they may be needed later. Contingent on size you may have other options.

More Information

STaR is excited to provide new services to you and your students. For more information, contact Merlene Love,, or call 501.569.8954.

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