Blackboard IM retires this fall

As part of the migration to Blackboard Learn 9.1, UALR will retire Blackboard IM, the stand-alone instant messaging software formerly known as Pronto, at the end of the fall semester.

A basic version of the chat client will be available for the remainder of the year so that current Blackboard IM users may have a chance to explore other options available to them through the university.

Those who use the program’s more advanced features, like application sharing, may find that Wimba Classroom can help meet their needs.

In addition to basic voice and text chat, the live-conferencing tool provides a full suite of interactive presentation features available to faculty, students, and even guests.

For a simple alternative to Blackboard IM’s text and video chat, the university also provides instant messaging service though Google Talk.

Available through your UALR mail account, Google’s straightforward and convenient chat client is integrated with your UALR contacts lists and can easily be used for on-the-fly text, group, or video communication.

If you have questions about the Blackboard IM sunset or would like to know more about using Wimba Classroom in your course, please contact us at

If you have questions about or encounter issues with using Google Talk on the UALR email system, please check the Google Talk help center or contact the computing services HelpDesk.

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