On the road to redesign: migrating to Learn 9.1 for spring, summer and beyond

In preparation for the upcoming semester, we are asking anyone who is interested in teaching in 9.1 to please complete the 2012 Spring pilot form by December 1st.

We must identify all faculty who want to teach in 9.1 by December 1st in order to ensure students have access to the proper course.

If you would like to teach in 9.1 for the Spring but have not yet attended training, opportunities will be available through the week of the Monday Dec. 12th and then starting again the week of Jan. 9th.

After filling out the form and attending training, you will be able to teach in 9.1 for the Spring.

If you plan to teach in Learn 9.1 then please DO NOT request a CE 8 shell.

Migrating your course content

To begin the process of transitioning your course content for an upcoming semester, you can attend an introductory training session to receive a development shell and gain access to migrated courses.

STaR has migrated courses from the Fall of 2009 – Spring of 2011, but due to unpredictable behavior resulting from repetitive migrations, we strongly encourage course redesigns on courses originating in WebCT 4. If the course origin cannot be determined, we recommend a course redesign.

Due to the many changes in course tools, we encourage redesign of courses. Redesigning will allow you to make the most of new features and functionality.

To assist with the redesign process, ask us about our Faculty Resources such as course building templates and course design rubrics.

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