Requesting and combining your Learn 9.1 courses

In the past, faculty members were required to request course shells and course combinations for upcoming semesters, but the new Blackboard lets you quickly copy your course content, combine your course sections, and make your course available for your students.

Starting next summer, you will no longer have to request your Blackboard course shells. Instead, empty shells will be automatically created at least 60 days prior to the beginning of each semester.

If you are teaching on Learn 9.1 this spring, follow these steps to get your courses ready for the semester. Do not request a CE8 course shell for a course that you’re planning to teach in Learn 9.1.

Copy your course content

Once your upcoming courses appear in your course listing, you can quickly copy content from any course that you have access to by following these steps.

From within the original course, select “Packages and Utilities” from the Course Management menu and click “Course copy.” On the resulting page:

  1. Select “Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.”
  2. Browse for the destination course and select which content areas to copy from the list.
  3. Select “Copy links and copies of the content”
  4. Leave the “Include Enrollments” checkbox unchecked.

When copying content, always check the destination course for items that need to be edited, like Adaptive Release criteria.

Course Combinations

We have also been working hard to make the course combination process self-serve as much as possible. For 9.1, you no longer have to complete the course combination form and wait for that process to complete. Instead, you will use the “section merge tool” to complete your own combinations, which will occur in a matter of a few seconds.

Here’s how:

  1. Select the Bb Courses tab
  2. Next go to the Section Merge Tool Module
  3. Click the “Create and Manage Merged Courses” link
  4. Click the Setup New Merged Courses button
  5. Review your sections and select the lowest online session as the Target course
  6. Select additional sections to combine with the Target course and submit

Always remember to select the Target course with the lowest online section. This will make your content easy to locate. The green bar confirms your success. This is easier than it sounds. Watch the video at this link to see for yourself!

Make your course available

Once your content has been copied and your sections have been correctly combined, you must make then make the course available to students.

  1. Instructors can make their courses available from the courses tab or by editing the course properties from the course control panel.
  2. Select the Bb Course Tab
  3. Go to the Blackboard 9.1 Courses Module
  4. Select the Quick Tool Pad icon on the left to open the options below the link
  5. Click the Make Course Available icon toggle to make your course available.

You can make your courses available at any time after they appear in your course listing. Once you have made the course available,students will not see or access a course until the first day of the semester. You can watch a video of this process here!

If you have any questions about these new processes, feel free to email

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