Start off on the right track: training tracks for Learn 9.1 explained

Our Blackboard courses are like our cars. We spend a lot of time in them. They require maintenance, and when they’re up and running, they help us reach beyond our homes and classrooms.

And when we get a new car, it can take a while to figure out where everything is located on the dashboard. Certainly, it is much safer to know this information before you get on the Interstate to drive home.

This is why training on Blackboard Learn 9.1 is so important to our current migration, and to assist with the transition, the STaR office is providing a variety of resources and training opportunities.

Currently we offer five different training tracks, broken down according to session formats such as face-to-face two hour sessions, three day comprehensive boot camps, and online self-paced courses.

Track 1 – Blackboard Basics: Depending upon whether starting from scratch or working with a migrated course, these two hour workshops focus on everything you need to know to get started teaching in Blackboard Learn 9.1. (link to the road to redesign)

Track 2 – Fundamentals: Go in depth with our two hour fundamentals workshops, covering all the basic components necessary to deliver an online course. These workshops can help if you’ve attended Blackboard Basics, or if you are familiar with Blackboard Learn 9.1 and want to learn more about a specific tool.

Track 3 – Communication and Collaboration: This track focuses on the tools used to incorporate communication and collaboration as well as best practices for doing so. After completing a Track 1 workshop, participants are ready for either Track 2 or 3.

Track 4 – Blackboard Boot Camp: Boot camp involves three days of intensive training on the fundamentals of course delivery in Learn 9.1. The first two days are dedicated to the fundamentals while the third day provides an open-lab format to work on a migrated or built-from-scratch course. There are no prerequisites for Track 4.

Track 5: Online Facilitate Asynchronous Training: offers an online-only opportunity. There are currently four courses in this series including: Getting Started, Building Courses, Designing Engaging Content, and Building Online Communities. We recommend beginning with the Getting Started course before moving on to the others.

For complete workshop descriptions and to register please visit our website.

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