Faculty Support Lounge: Getting Started in 9.1

If you plan to teach in 9.1 for the Spring, here’s some tips to get you started.

Accessing the Right Course:
Access your 9.1 courses from the Courses Tab located on the top left navigation bar.
This will allow you to see your courses broken down according to the semester.
Your live Spring 2012 shells begin with the Course ID 201210.

Preparing the Course for the New Semester:
1)  If you would like to combine sections, use the Section Merge Tool.  See the  How to Combine Course Sections Quick Start Guide for directions or if you want to undo a merge review the How to Disassociate Course Sections Quick Start Guide. 

2) If you plan to copy course content from a previously taught  9.1 course into the current 9.1 shell follow the directions in the How to Copy Courses Quick Start Guide. 

3) If you would like to import content from a CE 8 Shell into a 9.1 shell then follow the directions in the How to Import a CE 8 Course.

4) Each semester the instructor must make the course available to students before they can access it.  The How to Make Course Available or Unavailable Quick Start Guide.

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