Manage your course content with Blackboard Drive

Imagine Blackboard (Bb) content management in just three steps—open, edit, save. You don’t have to imagine, Bb Drive makes it easy and convenient to:

  • Simplify course file management
  • Edit course content with ease
  • Save time

Blackboard Drive helps you connect to files stored in Blackboard from your desktop. This gives you the freedom to work from the Content folder by letting you open documents in their native applications or you can work from your desktop to upload files to your Content folder.

Getting Started with Blackboard Drive
Check out our quick start guides for PC or Mac, and view the demo videos below for more information about getting started with Blackboard Drive.

No more downloading files, opening applications, updating, saving, and then uploading files through the Bb interface and placing them in your course. You can now:

  • Work in native applications
  • Make seamless global changes
  • Upload files and folders with ease

Blackboard Drive currently supports:

Mac OS® X v 10.6 (Snow Leopard®) 32 and 64-bit and Mac OS® X v 10.7 (Lion®) 32 and 64-bit
Windows® Explorer, Mac OS® X Finder and Microsoft Office, or from the web interface

If you have questions about using Blackboard Drive to connect to files stored in Blackboard from your desktop, please contact STaR!

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