Incompletes and Blackboard Learn

In the new Blackboard Learn, you no longer need to request an incomplete course shell from our office.  Instead, by assigning an “I” as the final grade in Banner the course will automatically remain available to the student until the grade is changed.

We checked with the office of Records and Registration and according to them, if the “I” for undergraduates is not changed within 90 days it will become an F and the access to the course will end.  The same remains true for the graduate level but the time period is one year.

This time can be extended at the request of the instructor.  We recommend asking your department if you have any questions about assigning an incomplete.

What’s important to remember in regards to our office is that the blackboard shell will remain accessible to you and the student so long as an “I” remains in Banner.  If you would like the student to be added to the next semester’s course shell, you will need to request this from the STaR office by emailing us:

Don’t forget to check out the “Help” Tab in Blackboard for Quick Start Guides, Video Tutorials and a Faculty FAQ.

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