Getting Students Started

How do you get students ready to be successful when so many bring different expectations and experiences to the online course environment?

For novice Blackboard students, preparation is key to their success. To help students with the fundamentals of Blackboard, please encourage them to visit the Blackboard Student Support website. Here they will find the information they need to get ready for your course and it will save you time at the beginning of the semester when you are the busiest.

Blackboard Student Support is dedicated to online student success. The first step toward student achievement is to ensure that computer meets minimum requirements.  Next, it’s important for students to make sure their technology skills are current. On the Blackboard Support website they can find this information and more.  Important sections include:

  • Getting Started – Provides students with information about the technology requirements to succeed in an online course – How to login, system and browser requirements.
  • How-To – Provides tutorials for getting organized, communicating and collaborating, assignments and grades, and best practices for taking online tests.
  • Getting Help – Students may submit an electronic request, call, or make an appointment to visit about a particular Blackboard concern.  A helpful Q&A forum is available to answer the most frequently asked questions.
  • Student Resources – Helps students keep up-to-date with the latest news from Blackboard and Student Success Articles provide great study tips for novice online students.
  • Social Media – Interact with Facebook and Twitter to learn about Blackboard maintenance and other updates.

Blackboard Learn On Demand for Students

The Blackboard Learn On Demand for Students website offers more than 25 video tutorials, including articles and new features. Here your students can get acquainted with Blackboard’s interface and functionally so they will be better prepared to navigate your course content and complete assignments on time. Topics cover how to work in their online course, staying organized, email communication, and how to set preferences and control their course environment.

Additional Student Resources:

Your students may need additional information or support but don’t know who to ask for assistance.  Below is a helpful guide to aid them in their search.

  • University Policies – Students with Disabilities, Nondiscrimination, Academic Dishonesty, Academic Offenses, and Copyright Statement
  • Recommended Technical Requirements – Basic Requirements, Browser Requirements, System Requirements, and Recommended Technical Skills for Successful Completion of this Course

For more information about Blackboard, please visit the “Help” tab on the Blackboard menu.

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