Collaborate’s Advanced Features

Blackboard Collaborate is a robust web-conferencing tool with advanced features such as application sharing, web-touring, and recording.  In this week’s Learning Shorts we’ll delve deeper into application of these advanced features.

Application Sharing
Moderators can use Application Sharing to demonstrate a software program or share their entire desktop with attendees.  The moderator can also give participants permission to take over control of a program or vice versa, allowing for interactive demonstration and easy troubleshooting.

Learn more about Application Sharing (PDF)

Web Tour
The Web Tour feature allows moderators to take participants to a series of websites via the embedded browser window.  Participants can navigate independently through the site, while the moderator can resynchronize all participants to the same page by selecting “Follow-Me.”

Learn more about Web Tour (PDF)

Moderators can record live sessions for later review or record lectures ahead of time and link to recordings in the course.  Recording can be set to start automatically as soon as the moderator enters the session, or moderators can manually start and stop recordings during a session.

Learn more about Recording (PDF)

Join Us
Join us this Friday at 10:00 am to learn more about advanced features in Collaborate.  Click on the Collaborate Guest Link to access the session.  To prepare for the session, visit the Bb Collaborate setup page. There you can verify your computer is configured correctly for accessing and interacting in a Collaborate session.

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