Integrate Collaborate with the Grade Center

Want to hold a live session and require students to attend?  Planning student presentations and want to give credit for participation?  Well now you can by integrating Blackboard Collaborate into the Grade Center.  This allows you to assign points for attending a live session or viewing a recording.

When creating a session, select to integrate with the grade center under #4 on the “Information” tab. Assign the number of points students will earn for attending the session.  You can also edit an existing session to enable this setting.

Screenshot of settings page

A grade column is automatically created, when enabling this setting.  Upon entering the session or viewing it, students will receive the maximum points possible.  Individual grades can also be edited by the instructor.

If you plan to have multiple sessions and assign points for each one, you will need to create a separate session for each occasion in order to create a corresponding grade column.

To learn more, view the Collaborate Resource Guide on the Help Tab inside Blackboard.

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