Integrating Collaborate in the Classroom

The Collaborate web-conferencing tool can be used for a variety of purposes in your Blackboard course.

Collaborate is a great way to hold virtual class sessions to discuss course materials, activities and assessments. Many faculty use Collaborate to provide study sessions before an exam or to review an exam after it has been taken.  Faculty also find Collaborate useful for holding virtual office hours or meeting one-on-one with students.

The guest access feature allows faculty to invite guest speakers to the session such as an expert in the field. This feature is also useful for collaborating with colleagues at a distance, on a research project or for committee meetings.

Another option is to use Collaborate as a venue for class presentations.  Students can be given moderator privileges, allowing them to upload slides to the Whiteboard, enable Application Sharing and take participants on a Web-Tour.  Multiple Collaborate sessions can be created for group work as well.

Any session can be recorded and provided to students or individuals outside of the course for later playback.  Faculty also use the recording feature to record lectures and then link them in the course next to related content.

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