My Blackboard: Profile and Profile Card

This is a new feature for all users. Here you can share Profile and Profile Cardinformation about yourself with others at your school.

When you create a profile, you have the option of using information from your other social media like Facebook or Twitter – like your profile picture for example.

Profiles also have privacy options, such as letting you keep your profile hidden. Or you make your profile available to people you share Courses and Organizations with you. If you like, you can also make your profile available to everyone at your school.

Once you create your new profile it will appear throughout the Blackboard platform in the Roster, User Directory, Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis.

When you hover over someone’s profile picture, the profile cards pops up so you can see their profile information and learn more about people that share space with you. Profiles also give you the ability to report inappropriate content in someone’s profile information.

For additional information, please view: My Blackboard Profile

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