Understanding My Grades

With recent updates  to Blackboard the My Grades page has undergone a facelift.  Students are now able to see the most relevant information first.  This information can be accessed from the My Blackboard menu or from within the course if the instructor has made the tool available.

The My Grades page may include item names, details, due dates, student and instructor dates of activity, posted grades, points possible, links to rubrics used for grading, and instructor’s comments about the items.

The order in which items are displayed is no longer controlled by the instructor but rather is based on specific criteria aimed at providing the most important items first.

Grades are now displayed in the following order:

  • Overall grade for the course

  • Calculated grades, such as running total

  • Graded items by date

  • Submitted items by date

  • In progress items

  • Upcoming items ordered by due date

For more information:

Read the Help Article.

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