The Kaltura Course Gallery

The Kaltura Course Gallery is a management content area for your course media. You and your students can browse, add, search, and share videos in the course gallery. Students can upload to the gallery, but instructor approval is required for public display in the course.


To access the Course Gallery:

  • Select the Control Panel, Course Tools, Course Gallery

Here you can locate and manage your media content. Contingent on your original upload settings your video may be Available, Featured, or Hidden. To change settings or to edit file information click the media title to access these options.

In the player you can:

  • Edit: video, audio, or document file name, description, or tags
  • View Access: Make this Item Public in Gallery, Hidden by default, only on faculty or content creators can see the media until it is made public
  • Feature: Add to Gallery Module on the homepage to feature videos on your homepage
  • Allow Embed: Display Embed Code, to copy and embed videos elsewhere
  • Remove from Course: Click to remove media content

Add Media

You can access Kaltura to:

  • Upload media or record from a webcam
  • Record your screen

Media Management

Here you can locate media by using the:

  • Filter to select All Media, My Media in this Course, Hidden Only or Featured Only, or Saved Search
  • Search by All metadata, Title, or Tags
  • Refresh your screen to bring up new info inquires

My Media

My Media let’s you access previously uploaded media from the gallery. To access click the My Media link in the Course Gallery description. Here you have additional options to manage your media content.

Learn More:

For more information about using Kaltura media, please visit the Blackboard “Help” tab in your Bb course.

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