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The Blackboard Kaltura Media plug-in provides upload, webcam recording, and screen capture options for your media. Once processed your files are loaded on the Kaltura server, but now that you’ve uploaded your media how do you access a file and place it in your course content, module, or folder?

Access Media Files

In this example we will use the course Content tool, but you can actually add media to any area where you can access the Build Content tab.

From the Build Content tab, select Kaltura Media, and the Search for a Kaltura Media is made available.  Here, you can scroll through your media, preview a file, if you like, or select the file to open and load it to the Mashup tool.


Create Mashup Item

4-Create-MashUpIn the Create Mashup Item you can:

1. Title, this field is required.
2. Description, add instructions, or notes.
3. Mashup Options, these are set to yes by default.
4. Attach or Link Content: Browse to add additional files or documents.
5. Options: Permit Users to View the Content Item? Yes. Track view, optional. Select “Restrictions,” optional.
6. Submit.

Your media file is loaded and returns to the area where you accessed the Kaltura Media tool.  From here you have options to edit, move, copy, or delete your file if you select the action menu next to the media title. From here users can access the file.

Learn More:

For more information about using Kaltura media, please visit the Blackboard “Help” tab in your Bb course.

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