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My Media is a private media repository for your media content that allows you to upload, manage, clip, assign, and share media for a specific course.  To open My Media, go to the Control Panel, Course Tools, and select Course Gallery. The My Media link is available in the Course Gallery description. Here you have many of the management options available in the Course Gallery, plus some additional ones for editing and sharing your video content.

Add Media
You can access the Kaltura to:

  • Upload media or record from a webcam
  • Record your screen


You can select a thumbnail to view, edit, or set additional permissions in the preview window.

In the preview window you can:
•    Edit: video, audio, or document file name, description, or tags
•    See where media Appears in: Course
•    Select Clipping: Allow others to make clips of this video to create a new snippet from a larger video

•    Delete Media permanently deletes and removes the media from the server and all the courses that share the file
•    Create Clip allows you to create a new clip based on the original video or audio clip
•    Contribute to Faculty Repository lets you share your video files with other faculty
•    Add to Course Gallery share media with other courses where you are the instructor

Learn More:
For more information about using Kaltura media, please visit the Blackboard “Help” tab in your Bb course.

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