Kaltura Screen Capture for Student Slide Presentations

Kaltura Media is available in the assignments, blogs, discussions, and other tools where students can access the content editor. It is easy for your students to upload and capture audio for their slide presentations with the screen capture tool. In this example, we’ll use Assignments to share the steps students may use to create their slide presentations.

Step 1:  Course Menu

Access Assignments in the Course Menu > click the assignment link to access the Content Editor.
Assignment Submission > open the Type Submission option > Mashup and select, Kaltura Media  Note: Click the chevron if Kaltura appears to be unavailable.


Add Media detail

Step 2: Search for a Kaltura Media

Click, Add Media > Record your screen

Step 3: Click, Run Applet to open the Screen Capture.

Note: If you experience a “protection” notification, click Accept and continue submission.

Step 4: Check Capture Settings and Open Presentation

Run the Applet•    Set audio input source
•    Set volume on the computer microphone or headset
•    Open the slide presentation
•    Size the capture record boundary box to fit your slides
•    Hit the Red Record button to begin the countdown
•    Present, talk through your presentation.
•    Click, DONE, when finished.
Note: You may record at full screen, if you wish.

Step 5: Present and Submit

Present and Submit•    Preview, if you like.
•    Add the Title, Description, and Tag info.
•    Click, Upload or Cancel.
The blue bar indicates encoding. This may take awhile. If your presentation is an hour, it may take an hour or more to complete the conversion. DO NOT close or the encoding may be lost.
•    Upload Complete > click, Close

 Step 6: Create Mashup Item

The presentation is returned to the course Create Mashup Item page.   _ step 6_7

•    Preview the presentation
•    Select Mashup Options
•    Submit

 Step 7:  Upload Page (Assignment)

•    Assignment Information
•    Assignment Submission Options
•    Add Comments
•    Submit, Save as Draft, Cancel

 Step 8:  Review and Confirmation

The green bar confirms the 
file upload. You can review your file. If you had options for multiple attempts, you can select your best one for submission.  10-Review-and-Submit-Opts
Click, OK and the file will post in assignments.

Remember you can add screen captures to any course area where you can access the Content Editor.

In this example we used “assignments,” but you may also be required to create a screen capture in other tools where the Content Editor is available.

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