Focus on Instructional Design: Who was the best teacher you ever had?

During a recent Accelerated Online Programs, orientation session with the instructional designers in STaR, faculty were asked to think about the best teacher they ever had.  Then they were asked “What made that person great?”  Responses indicated the best teachers were:

  • Engaging and interesting
  • Exhibiting care for the students
  • Expecting excellence
  • Reaching students where they were

If your students were asked this question, would they give the same response?  If not, there are best practices, tools, and techniques to help you build courses that engage students, show care for students, expect excellence from students, and reach students where they are.

Such as Boettcher’s (2011), Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online: Quick Guide for New Online Faculty and Gutierrez (2013), The Ten eLearning Commandments.  We at STaR are prepared to help you engage in best practices, find the right tools, and learn techniques to help you develop courses that in years to come, when students are asked to remember the best teacher they ever had, they will remember you and your course.


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