Date Management

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The Date Management tool lets instructors rollover and make date adjustments automatically or individually to content items at the beginning of the semester. This includes due dates, availability dates, and active release dates in an existing courses.  In one convenient location instructors can review and edit dates. Two exceptions, however, Date Management does not support publisher content or Blackboard Collaborate start and end dates.

Items Supported by Date Management

All items with dates are supported by date management, these include:

•    Content, such as items, files, and audio.
•    Assessments, such as tests, surveys, and assignments.
•    Tools, such as discussions, blogs, journals, and announcements.
•    Manual grade columns.
•    Course and organization tasks.

NOTE: The task due dates are moved during the bulk move process, and they do appear in the review and edit dates screen. Date management does NOT support editing of due dates for tasks from the review and edit dates screen

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