• Kaltura Learning Shorts
     Create Media with Kaltura Kaltura Media offers three options for delivering media content. Earlier we learned how to upload our media files and direct…  
  • Kaltura Learning Shorts
    Basic Kaltura Media Management Kaltura Media provides users with several options to contribute and manage media content. As we build media content we will…  
  • Blackboard Mobile Learn
    Bb Mobile is a free app that syncs Bb course content to many popular mobile devices such as Android™, BlackBerry® smart phone, HP® webOS, Apple iPhone, iPod touch®, iPad®, and Palm®. This spring, users can download the free Blackboard app from the appropriate app store, and with just a few clicks your students can: 
  • Welcome to the new STaR website
    We’ve moved to UALR’s new wordpress template, but you can still find Blackboard training and course information here.