• Extended Exam Time Accommodation in Blackboard
    Many students registered with the DRC require accommodations for extended time on in-class and web-based tests and surveys in Blackboard. Meeting these accommodations in Blackboard is now easier than ever with features built-into the test settings. 
  • Faculty Repository
    The Kaltura Faculty Repository is a gallery where you may share media content with your colleagues. You can browse, search, watch, and with permission create media snippets from other contributors to use in your course by adding them to your Course Gallery. 
  • Introducing Video Everywhere
    Video Everywhere, lets you access your computer webcam to create, upload, access and manage hosted videos on your YouTube channel and link them to your online course. 
  • Test Options
    Test options allow you to edit the name and description of a test. Options control the availability, presentation, and feedback for an assessment. These…  
  • Inline Grading
    Have you ever wished that grading assignments submitted through Blackboard were easier? Wish no more. Grading in Blackboard is now streamlined with Inline Assignment…  
  • Kaltura Screen Capture for Student Slide Presentations
    Kaltura Media is available in the assignments, blogs, discussions, and other tools where students can access the content editor. It is easy for your students to upload and capture audio for their slide presentations with the screen capture tool. 
  • My Media Tool
    My Media is a private media repository for your media content that allows you to upload, manage, clip, assign, and share media for a…  
  • Search for a Kaltura Media
    The Blackboard Kaltura Media plug-in provides upload, webcam recording, and screen capture options for your media. Once processed your files are loaded on the…  
  • Course Media Module
    Would you like a media space to share video directly with your students – an introduction, an overview of your course, an update, or feature a video from the course homepage? With Kaltura it’s easy to use video to communicate with your students.  
  • The Kaltura Course Gallery
    The Kaltura Course Gallery is a management content area for your course media. You and your students can browse, add, search, and share videos…