Kaltura Streaming Services

Kaltura Video Streaming Services

Kaltura is a new Blackboard plug-in that enables you with the options to upload, create, and manage video and audio content from the convenience of your home, work, or anywhere you can access your course.

Yes, that’s right! With Kaltura’s rich-media management system you can now easily manage your media content directly. Kaltura encodes and streams most common file formats for video, audio, graphics, and documents and allow students to take advantage most of their mobile devices to access course content.

What About Flash Streaming Services Media

With the adoption of Kaltura, we will be phasing out the Flash Media Server but will continue to use it for a period of time as an archive. All new video and audio content will be placed on Kaltura for encoding and distribution.

Current Flash Media, of course, video and audio files will still be available in your courses, but as files are updated or close caption requests are made these files will be transferred to Kaltura.

Kaltura Features

Kaltura has an intuitive interface that is accessible from your course wherever you can access the Build Content tab. You can:

  • Browse to your computer and directly upload media files
  • Create webcam videos
  • Launch screen capture
  • Manage file information, attachments, and permission settings
  • Edit and repurpose video and audio content
  • Create playlist, categories, and channels
  • Search video options and so much more

Imagine the possibilities! Kaltura empowers you to create and manage content at your convenience.

Kaltura Training

Kaltura training will be available throughout the semester, please visit the STaR website for more on this and other training schedules and support information.

Helpful Links

Kaltura Media Tutorials:

And be sure to visit the Blackboard “Help” tab for tutorials on Kaltura and other Blackboard topics.

Blackboard and Kaltura Support

STaR only supports plug-ins adopted for use in Blackboard, including Kaltura for streaming media.
Should you choose a streaming service outside of Kaltura, be sure you have access to tech support.

Learn more:

Alternatives media options include Kaltura Media and Blackboard Collaborate.

Kaltura Media:

Upload, Webcam, or Screen Capture, please see the Kaltura Media tutorials listed above.

Blackboard Collaborate:

Consumer Camera Considerations

Video Recording – For faculty who record with consumer video cameras be sure to avoid using cameras that use tape.  Most of these cameras will probably require manufacturer software and plug-ins to convert files to a digital format and you may find this a timely and challenging process.

More Information:

Please contact Merlene Love, 569-8954, mxlove@ualr.edu should you need assistance.