Quality Matters at UALR

As part of our mission to provide faculty support for teaching and learning through the use of Blackboard, we are introducing the Quality Matters program.

The purpose of this program is to contribute to faculty excellence, facilitate student success and provide a continuous improvement process for courses in Blackboard.

What is Quality Matters?

Quality Matters is a not-for-profit subscription service providing tools and training for quality assurance of online courses.

Designed by faculty for faculty, the program entails three main components: a rubric, a peer review process and professional development opportunities.

There are over 480 subscribers located throughout the United States and increasingly abroad. Undergoing review every few years, the rubric is based on research, best practices and sound instructional design principles.

What are the benefits?

Faculty benefit from the use of a tested rubric to guide their online course development process.

By undergoing a quality matters review of their course whether officially or not, faculty can improve their course and gain additional skills for designing and administering a course in Blackboard.

The peer-review process means faculty work with one another across institutions to understand best practices and design principles related to online and blended courses.

A variety of workshops focused on online instruction and course design provide opportunities to build faculty excellence.

How can I get involved?

STaR is developing resources to support the application of the rubric and the meeting of QM standards. Contact Donna Kay (dxkay@ualr.edu) in the STaR office for more information on how to participate. You can also visit the Quality Matters website by going to www.qmprogram.org

The following faculty have received Quality Matters certification for their online courses:

Nita Copeland, Kinesiology, (HSCI 3402) and Applied Human Science (HHPS 3412)

Eileen Turan, Introduction to Visual Arts, (ARHA 2305)

Dr. Linda Holzer, Piano Pedagogy and Literature, (MUED 3302)

Dr. Patricia Edwards Schafer, Integration of Concept, (NURS 4530)

Dr. Robert Mitchell, Advance PC Applications (MGMT 3352)
and Business Communication (MGMT 3380)

Dr. Belinda Blevins-Kanabe, Developmental Psychology (PSYC 3356)

Dr. Margaret Scranton, American National Government (POLS 1310)

Dr. Carol Thompson, Communicating Difference (SPCH 4313)
and Human Communication Concepts (SPCH 2310)

Dr. Eric Elder, Business Statistics, (ECON 2310) and Quantitative Business Analysis (ECON 3355)

Dr. Thomas Tudor, Applications in Human Resource Management (MGMT 4395), Collective Bargaining (MGMT 7340), and Strategic Human Resource Management (MGMT 7341)

Dr. Gary Geissler, Principles of Marketing (MKTG 3350)

Dr. Sarah Quintanar, Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 2322)

Dr. Mark Funk, Survey of Economics  (ECON 2301)

Denise LeGrand, College Algebra Accelerated (MATH 1302)

Dr. Stacy Moak, Criminal Law (CRJU 7305)

Dr. Otmar Varela, Organizational Behavior and Management (MGMT 3300)

Dr. Clea Hupp, Islam and the Modern Middle East (HIST 3336)

Dr. Emily Berthelot, Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice (CRJU 3310)
and Applied Research and Analysis (CRJU 7320)

Dr. Sherilyn Tucker, Foundations Teaching Reading (READ 7351) and Curriculum (READ 7327)

Christy Jackson, Business Calculus (MATH 1342)

Dr. Gerald Driskill, Family Communication (SPCH 4323)

Dr. Julie Baldwin, Criminal Law, (CRJU 3307)

Doyle Phillips, Estimating I (CNMG 3339)

Dr. Ahmad Bajwa, Production Operations Management (MGMT 3304)

Melissa Johnston, Speech Communication (SPCH 1300)

Dr. Bruce Hall, History of the Third Reich (HIST 4390)

Dr. Kristen McIntyre, Advanced Public Speaking (SPCH 3320)

Cynthia Johnson, Principles of Accounting II (ACCT 2330)
and Principles of Accounting I (ACCT 2310)

Dr. Timothy Brown, Juvenile Delinquency (CRJU 3337)

Dr. David Montague, Crime and Behavior (CRJU 4300)

Dr. Robert Corwyn, Statistics and Methods 1 (PSYC 2340)

Dr. Jeff Walker, Public Budgeting (CRJU 7326)

Dr. Amar Kanekar, Health Education Program Evaluation (HHPS 4380)

Dr. Avinash Thombre, Introduction to Communication Research (SPCH 2311) and Small Group Communication (SPCH 3322)

Congratulations to these faculty for their dedication to providing our online students with an exceptional educational experience!

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