2017 STEM Leadership for Girls Conferences


Spring 2017

The 2017 STEM Leadership for Girls Conference sought to improve awareness of education and career opportunities and services to Arkansas female students in grades 7-8 and 9-12 in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, by increasing the participation, retention and advancement of girls and women in STEM. Our conferences provided hands-on workshops, tours of STEM facilities and programs offered at UALR, a panel discussion, and the potential to build mentoring relationships with STEM professionals. This program was developed to inspire females in this age range to pursue STEM as a career and higher education option. The conference workshops promoted interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and ultimately reduce the stereotype that these fields are mainly for males. This program also encouraged young females to pursue collegiate careers in STEM related occupations while exposing them to the variety of STEM careers.

Throughout the conference, girls attending the conferences:

  • Engaged in hands-on activities and seminars
  • Became aware of the variety of career opportunities in science, technology, and engineering
  • Gained a new enthusiasm for STEM
  • Met and connected with female role models
  • Participated in sessions that allow students to be exposed to all disciplines of STEM
  • Heard from a STEM professionals panel on current STEM issues
  • Learned the importance of taking classes in science, math and technology in high school
  • Left with the knowledge and understanding that women have the capability to be successful in the professions of science, technology and engineering.

STAY TUNED THIS FALL FOR Girls STEM Conferences to be held FY17-18!