First Responders – You Are The First Contact

For Front Line Staff, Professors, Teaching Assistants, Etc.


If a student exhibits aggressive behavior, behaves erratically or you perceive a threat of violence or other unlawful behavior, call Department of Public Safety immediately. The Department of Public Safety has officers on duty 24/7. In case of emergency call 911. Department of Public Safety – 501.569.3400.


If a student is injured or exhibits symptoms of an illness that prevents him/her from participating in a university function: • Contact the Department of Public Safety or call 911 if the condition is off campus. • Send the student to Health Services for minor illnesses. Health Services – 501.569.3188.

Psychological Distress Concern:

For concerns such as depression, anxiety, agitation, disorientation and thoughts of harming self and/or others, respond directly, engage the student and promptly contact Counseling & Career Planning Services for support. Individual, couple and group therapy, drug and alcohol services, medication referral and crisis intervention are provided. Counseling & Career Planning – 501.569.3185.

Parental Concern:

If a parent is concerned about a student’s welfare or a missing student, contact the Office of the Dean of Students. If the student resides on campus, contact the Office of Student Housing or the Department of Public Safety. Dean of Students – 501.569.3328 Executive Director of Housing – 501.661.1743.

Disability Concern:

If a student’s academic performance or participation in a university function are negatively impacted by barriers related to a disability, contact the Disability Resource Center. Disability Resource Center – 501.569.3143 Emergency Contact: Department of Public Safety – 569.3400 or 911.

Reporting List:

  • Chancellor, 569.3200
  • Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost, 569.3204
  • Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration, 569.3202
  • Vice Chancellor for Advancement, 569.3194
  • Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, 683.7302
  • Vice Provost for Student Affairs & Dean of Students, 569.3328
  • Counseling Services, 569.3185
  • Health Services, 569.3188
  • Student Housing, 661.1743
  • Disability Resource Center, 569.3143
  • Dean of Law School, 324.9450

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