Annual Survey

The DSC management team understands that evaluation and assessment are necessary and critical to our continued success, program improvement, course correction, and innovation.  In 2004, the DSC conducted a satisfaction study of Fitness Center users, which proved helpful to management.  That study was limited in scope so the DSC management proposed to conduct a satisfaction study which would be inclusive of all aspects of the facility.  In FY2007 and FY2008, the DSC participated in the EBI Benchmarking Assessment ACUI/EBI College Union/Student Center Survey.  The 2007 study results provided a baseline for student’s level of satisfaction and the 2008 study extended managements understanding.

Utilizing annual satisfaction surveys, DSC management seeks to improve services, programs, procedures and practices through both external and internal benchmarking.  The overarching rationale for undertaking this assessment is to accomplish the following: 1) to assist students matriculating through the institution and 2) to enhance the likelihood of student retention and graduation.  Externally, the DSC results will be compared to peer and all participating institutions.  Internally, longitudinal data will be available to track improvement and determine areas of needed improvement. 

Please select either of the link below to view a summary report of the survey results in FY07 and FY08.

DSC EBI Benchmarking Assessment Summary Report FY2008.doc

Donaghey Student Center Assessment1 2007.doc