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Donaghey Student Center

Administration Rodolfo Morales, Director of Recreational Facilities (rm 101B)
Phone: 501.569.8078
General office
Phone: 501.569.3362
Office fax: 501.569.8295
Nancy Hyde, Office Manager (rm 101A)
Phone: 501.569.8599
Aquatics Tom Genz, Aquatics Manager (rm 106)
Phone: 501.371.8011
Campus Life General office (rm 216)
Phone: 501.569.3308
Conference Services Yuliana Barajas, Interim Conference Services Coordinator (rm 210A)
Phone: 501.569.3324
E-mail: or
Dining Services Douglas Britt, Area General Manager
(rm 211B)
Phone: 501.569.8594
Disability Resource Center General office (rm 103)
Phone: 501.569.3143
Vice Provost for the Division of Student Affairs General office (rm 215)
Phone: 501.569.3328
Equipment Services General office (rm 106D)
Phone: 501.569.8284
Environmental Services Luther Watson, Environmental Svcs Manager (rm 101)
Phone: 501.683.7127
Fit/Well Naomi Fletcher, Coordinator of Campus Recreation (rm 109D1B)
Phone: 501.569.3228
Campus switchboard
Phone: 501.569.3000
Intramurals Karmen Robinson, Coordinator of Intramurals Activities (rm 109D1C)
Phone: 501.683.4911
Health Services General office (rm 102)
Phone: 501.569.3188
Reception Services LaCrystal Huskey, C.A.R.E. Manager (rm 101D)
Phone: 501.569.3413