Summer Bridge Program

Did you graduate from high school Ā between December 2013 and June 15, 2014? Have you already been admitted to attend UALR in the Fall 2014?

This component of the Student Support Services program serves as an introduction to the college experience for those who recently graduated from high school and will be attending UALR during the subsequent fall semester as 4-year degree seeking students (does not include students in pre-professional fields such as nursing and pharmacy).

Students selected to participate in the Summer Bridge Program will be introduced to the skills necessary to be successful in college and will receive individualized support in adjusting to the college environment. Through this program, students have access to services that support their transition from high school to college.


A) June 15-August 8, 2014 (FREEĀ pre-core Math with SSS)


B) July 7-August 8, 2014 (Summer IV with UALR)


C) July 13-August 2, 2014 (in conjunction with theĀ Dr. Charles W Donaldson Summer Bridge Academy)

All summer bridge participation requires participation on campus with Student Support Services during move-in weekend and the subsequent academic year.

Summer courses:

Option A) Students qualify based on their UALR placement inĀ pre-core math (20 or less on the Math portion of the ACT). Participants will also need to adhere to theĀ terms for participationĀ in the FREE summer pre-core math course with SSS. Ā Housing is not provided.

Option B) Students can enroll in up to two 3-credit hour courses, such as: developmental college courses in reading, English, or math; introductory-level college courses in math; and/or a speech communication course. The student is responsible for tuition and fees. Housing is not provided.

Option C) Please refer to the guidelines for theĀ Dr. Charles W Donaldson Summer Bridge Academy.Ā Free housing options may be available.


  • College learning strategies workshops
  • Financial and economic literacy workshops
  • Kuder career assessment
  • Learning style assessment

Basic selection criteria:

In addition to meeting theĀ basic eligibility requirementsĀ for participation in Student Support Services, all applicants must:

  • Be a recent high school graduate (May or June 2012)
    • Have a Composite score of 21 or less on the ACT, or
    • Have an ACT Reading score between 15 and 18, or
    • Have an ACT English score between 15 and 18, or
    • Have an ACT Math score between 15 and 20
  • Have a 2.50 high school GPA if ACT is less than 21
  • Complete an SSS application


Students must complete theĀ SSS application Ā and submit it and any supplemental materialsĀ to our offices by the following dates to be considered for participation.

Option A: June 6, 2014 (2 pm)

Option B and C: June 27, 2014

For more information please contact:Ā 
Student Support Services Summer Bridge Program
(501) 569.3280 or (501) 569.3052

Financial Aid:
Summer IV: Call 501-569-3035