Request a Tutor

Tutors may only be provided by UA Little Rock Student Support Services to UA Little Rock SSS students. Active SSS participants are encouraged to request a tutor for the current (or up-coming) semester by filling out the online tutor request form and making an appointment to be oriented to tutoring services.

Please note: Many SSS students will be assigned tutors without having to make a request, based on the course(s) being taken, overall GPA, and tutor availability.  If you have not been assigned a tutor, or need one for a different class, feel free to fill out the tutor request form.

Students will work directly with tutors to set a regular, weekly tutoring schedule for the entire semester in order to remain successful in their academic progress.

SSS Tutor Request Form

Make appointment for orientation to tutoring services


Questions? Contact the Tutoring Coordinator at, or call 501-569-8749.