Request a Tutor

If you would like to request an individual tutor, you will be asked to verify that the following are true statements:

  1. I am an SSS student who has completed an application to, orientation for, and am active with Student Support Services. (This is separate from UALR admissions.)
  2. According to the SSS Tutoring Lab schedule, there isn’t a tutor in this subject available when I’m not in class or at work.
  3. I can verify my work schedule, if requested.
  4. I will work cooperatively and come prepared to all scheduled tutoring sessions for individual sessions scheduled with a tutor.
  5. I will cancel any scheduled appointments with 24-notice, except in the case of an emergency.
  6. I understand that not showing up to an appointment without notice will result in a meeting with the Tutor Coordinator or the TRIO Director before being able to schedule any subsequent individual tutoring sessions.

Complete the request form by clicking hereYou need to be signed into your UALR email to access the form as this allows us to have a “signature” of your request. If you have any subsequent or follow-up questions regarding tutoring, please email with the subject line “Tutoring Follow-up”.