Updated Faculty-led Proposal Materials

After getting feedback from faculty members across campus, the Office of Study Abroad has worked for the last few months to update the faculty-led proposal form and moved it online!  Below you will be able to complete the proposal form and submit it directly to Study Abroad.  Study Abroad still requires a signature form, program budget, course syllabus, and marketing materials to be submitted for review before the proposal will be approved.  For any questions, please email studyabroad@ualr.edu!


Faculty Led Proposal

Thank you for your interest in leading a UALR Study Abroad program. Study Abroad applauds your desire to offer high-quality, academically-based study abroad programs that cater to our students. The Program Director is responsible for completed and submitting the Faulty-led Proposal and its accompanying documentation. No proposals will be considered complete until all required documentation has been submitted to Study Abroad, including the Faculty-led Proposal Form, program budget, course syllabus, and the sponsoring department chair and dean signatures. Submission of this form does automatically certify course approval. If you have any questions, please email studyabroad@ualr.edu
  • Program Leader

  • Describe your personal international travel experience in general, and your international travel and teaching experience with student groups in the proposed host country.
  • If you have not traveled to the proposed host country, how do you plan to acquire information to prepare the course material and ensure safety in the foreign country?
  • Program Associate (if applicable - Co-leader of Trip)

  • Describe the Program Associate's international travel experience in general, and your international travel and teaching experience with student groups in the proposed host country.
  • Proposed Destination

  • Duration/Dates

  • Brief Program Description

  • Please note that all contracts with vendors need to be reviewed, signed, and approved by the University.
  • Describe the qualifications of local arrangements coordinator and/or vendor that you plan to develop the program with.
  • Proposed course(s) to be taught

  • Please specify if these are undergraduate or graduate courses. You must develop a full course syllabus for the proposed course as a study abroad program and submit it with this proposal form. If you are not planning to offer a graduate-level course, but later decide to allow graduate students to participate for graduate-level credit, you will need to submit the graduate syllabus (along with the undergraduate course syllabus) to the Dean of the Graduate School and obtain approval prior to accepting graduate student applications.
  • Ex: a brief language course at the beginning of the program, the primary language in the country is English, a guide/logistical support will accompany the group to facilitate communication, faculty proficiency in the foreign language, etc.
  • The Office of Study Abroad is working to build student evaluations and assessments for study abroad programs. Program leaders can choose to use the program evaluations provided by Study Abroad or choose to collaborate with the office to create their own. Indicate the preferred evaluation option below.
  • Safety Abroad

  • Please note: The University does not generally support travel, research, or study abroad in countries that are under a Travel Warning issued by the U.S. Department of State. To request an exemption, you must submit a Petition to Study Abroad under a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning.
  • Please discuss potential safety concerns about the locations proposed for the program. Include any concerns about housing arrangements and study locations. Also discuss locations near the program site that are considered unsafe. Will there be any places that students will not be allowed to go?
  • In case of an emergency, please address the following: If an individual is separated from the group, where will the group meet? Where is the nearest US Consulate? What is the local equivalent of 911? Where is the nearest police station? If a student is injured or attacked if they are not with the group, what should they do?
  • Program Itinerary

  • Please note: At least three weeks prior to departure, you must submit a daily itinerary to the Office of Study Abroad.
  • Please list the Date of Departure with the Departure, Connection, and Arrival Airport.
  • Please list the Date of Return with the Departure, Connection, and Arrival Airport.
  • Please address the following: When students arrive at the international airport, will they be transported as a group to the program site? If students are traveling independently, address how they will be able to locate the group.
  • Please address the following: List the transportation plans for all in-country travel. Will students be using public transportation? How safe is the public transportation infrastructure? Will chartered buses be used, and how have you ensured high quality with regard to safety?
  • Please address if any individual affiliated with UALR is planning to drive while abroad- where other options are available, UALR employees will NOT drive students in any vehicles while abroad. Also, in some program sites, local travel conditions may warrant special consideration before planning to use in-country road travel. Please consult the U.S. Department of State's website for potential road travel safety issues.
  • Do you plan to carry a cell phone while abroad? If yes, please state the number. Do you plan to have access to reliable internet service?
  • Before addressing these questions, we recommend that you visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel Website (www.cdc.gov/travel). Please specify immunization requirements, health concerns related to your program site(s), and how you plan to address them. Please discuss potential concerns related to the safety of group meals, individual meals, clean water, etc.
  • Is the program itinerary accessible for all students? Are there any specific fitness requirements participants need to meet for successfully completing the program? If so, what measures will be taken to ensure that the students meet those requirements?
  • Describe the types, location(s), and quality of medical facilities near your program site(s).
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 50.
    Minimum Number of Students
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 50.
    Maximum Number of Students
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 50.
    Optimum Number of Students
  • Please list the Hotels where you plan to stay; The student residence halls and affiliated universities you plan to utilize; and the host family accommodations and how those will be arranged.
    I agree to submit all promotional materials (posters, brochures, web advertisements) to the Office of Study Abroad for review and approval prior to distribution. All materials should stress the academic nature of the program and include program dates and cost (labeled as tentative if not confirmed). Be mindful of the legal ramifications of all of the information you share. All promotional materials must include the following disclaimer: The University of Arkansas reserves the right to cancel or alter the program format or to change the costs in case of conditions beyond the University's control. Please submit a short blurb about your program to be advertised on the Study Abroad website.
    I agree to work with the Office of Study Abroad to identify Unofficial Travelers and making all necessary arrangements to ensure compliance with the university's policies.
    I understand that with my online submission of this faculty-led proposal that I am responsible for returning the accompanying documentation (program budget, course syllabus, and signatures for approval) to the Office of Study Abroad before my program will be considered for approval.
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