1) Enhance Academic Learning

Transform your classroom learning into a memorable experience!

Jalissa WillisStudying abroad benefits students unlike any other program provided at UALR. My experience abroad has molded me into a more intuitive, independent, bold and adventurous leader.
-Jalissa, Spanish &American Sign Language/English Interpretation Major

2) Advance Your Career

Impress your future employers by being flexible, adaptable and cross-cultural!

Collins - Spain - Summer 2013Communication is a crucial skill, especially in my field. Not only did my experience abroad improve my Spanish-speaking ability, it helped me better understand the people of that culture.
-KenDrell, Economics Major

3) Increase Global Awareness

See the world with a new pair of eyes!

Dowell - Spain - Spring 2013Studying abroad in Spain not only increased my global awareness of the world but it also brought opportunities to build relationships with students from other countries, attend a culturally diverse campus, and to learn the history and culture of a variety of people.
– Tina, International Studies & Spanish Major

4) Experience Personal Growth

Learn more about yourself than you ever imagined!

Alexis WilliamsI chose to study abroad to experience a culture outside of my own.  It’s good for my future career, it’s good for my schooling, and it’s good for myself.
-Alexis, French & English Major

5) Live in a Different Culture

Experience a new culture up-close and personal with the natives!

Dobson 05 - Taiwan - Spring 2014When studying abroad, you’re a fish out of water, overwhelmed by new, different ways of thinking, doing, and being. Study abroad is a very real challenge that can yield unimaginable rewards.
– Emily, Anthropology Major