Why Study Abroad? As the workplace seeks to become more globally focused, and globalization changes the way our world works, employers are looking for workers who have cross-cultural competence and cutting-edge technical skills.  Studying Abroad is one of the best ways to acquire global skills, and open up professional and personal opportunities.- Generation Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

10 Benefits to Studying Abroad!

Generation Study Abroad: Why Study Abroad?

Study Abroad: A Summer, a Semester, or a Year?

The Benefits of Study Abroad

Dyimond Anderson Spain

Here are first-hand experiences from UALR students who have previously studied abroad, and how this experience shaped their personal development!

Jalissa WillisStudying abroad benefits students unlike any other program provided at UALR. My experience abroad has molded me into a more intuitive, independent, bold and adventurous leader.
-Jalissa, Spanish &American Sign Language/English Interpretation Major

Collins - Spain - Summer 2013Communication is a crucial skill, especially in my field. Not only did my experience abroad improve my Spanish-speaking ability, it helped me better understand the people of that culture.
-KenDrell, Economics Major

Dowell - Spain - Spring 2013Studying abroad in Spain not only increased my global awareness of the world but it also brought opportunities to build relationships with students from other countries, attend a culturally diverse campus, and to learn the history and culture of a variety of people.
– Tina, International Studies & Spanish Major

Alexis WilliamsI chose to study abroad to experience a culture outside of my own.  It’s good for my future career, it’s good for my schooling, and it’s good for myself.
-Alexis, French & English Major

Dobson 05 - Taiwan - Spring 2014When studying abroad, you’re a fish out of water, overwhelmed by new, different ways of thinking, doing, and being. Study abroad is a very real challenge that can yield unimaginable rewards.
– Emily, Anthropology Major