Parent Resources

Study-abroad students often deal with the unexpected as they experience new cultures and lifestyles.

Studying abroad could be a defining period in your child’s educational experience — transforming your youngster into a global thinker with international attitudes, and putting him or her a step ahead of the competition in the eyes of prospective employers. In spite of all the potential benefits, however, you may be experiencing mixed feelings about letting your son or daughter study abroad, including excitement about the opportunity, fear of what might go wrong, and stress about being so far apart. Remember that your child is likely feeling similar emotions. You can help each other by understanding and supporting your respective feelings and decisions before, during, and after the period of overseas study.

Before your son or daughter leaves, be sure he or she knows that you offer your full support. Open a discussion on what your child hopes to gain from the experience, and talk about any fears or concerns you both may have. Say you are there for your child before he or she leaves, and that you can still be reached from overseas. Be available to lend support, but avoid the temptation to become too involved. Ultimately, this is your youngster’s learning experience.